TownHouse Duomo by Seven Stars

Location icon Milano, Italy
"참조 #": 5418


"Yard" internal rooms
"Location" Milano, Italy
"Subcategory" HOTEL/INN
"시공 시기" 2014
"오픈 시기" 2015
"Application" supply of products for installation of ceramics and wooden flooring
"Start and finish date" 2014/2015
"Application Type" Installation of floor and wall coverings
"Owner" Seven Stars Galleria Italia
"Contractor company" Prada Costruzioni sr
"Installer companies" Prada Costruzioni sr
"Credits" Alessandro Della Savia
Project Manager arch. Savero
"마페이 조정" Igor Pellegri, Antonio Salomone (Mapei SpA) Fotografie di Gianni Dal Magro, Umberto Armiraglio, Jurgen Eheim

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ULTRABOND P902 2K (울트라본드 P902 2K)
ULTRABOND P902 2K (울트라본드 P902 2K)
Two-component, epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for bonding all types and sizes of…
ULTRACOLOR PLUS<br>(울트라칼라 플러스)
ULTRACOLOR PLUS<br>(울트라칼라 플러스)
Ultracolor Plus (울트라칼라 플러스) 발수성, 곰팡이 저항성 우수 빠른 경화 및 건조 2~20 mm 조인트 용 고성능 줄눈재 용도…
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