"Triumph" Basketball Court Artistic Resurfacing

Location icon Canada
"참조 #": 7654


"Yard" Outdoor, hardcourt surface now sports a veritable rainbow of hues
"Location" Canada
"Subcategory" SPORT FIELD
"시공 시기" 2023
"오픈 시기" 2023
"Application" When it comes to style, quality and durability, MAPEI Sports System technology passes the test with flying colors, bringing world-renowned urban artist Fluke’s vibrant concept to life on an outdoor basketball court.
"Start and finish date" 2023
"Application Type" Solutions for sports flooring
"Owner" City of Montreal
"Contractor company" ASHOP Productions
"Architects" Fluke Art
"Credits" ASHOP Productions
"마페이 조정" Julie Paré
"설명" Artist: Fluke (www.flukeart.ca)

"추가 첨부 파일"

"이 프로젝트와 관련된 모든 문서를 다운로드 할 수 있습니다"

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Mapecoat TNS Finish 3 [NA]
Mapecoat TNS Finish 3 [NA]
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