Zala Springs Golf Resort

Location icon Zalacsány, Hungary
"참조 #": 52020


"Yard" New building
"Location" Zalacsány, Hungary
"Subcategory" RESORT
"Application" Mapei products were used on several product lines. Thermal insulation, ceramic, waterproofing.
"Start and finish date" 2015/2020
"Application Type" New building
"Owner" Zala Springs, SGHBIRDIE Ltd.
"Contractor company" Zala Springs, SGHBIRDIE Ltd., Prime Constructions Ltd.
"Installer companies" Valda-Ép Ltd., Classico BV Ltd.
"Architects" Bálint Ásztai
"MAPEI Distributor" Velünk Ltd., Új-Ház Centrum Ltd.
"Credits" Márió Bere
Project Manager Balázs Varga

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