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Marco Paparella

Fibers Corporate Product Manager, Mapei SpA

From Realtà Mapei International n° 86 - 7/23/2021

Concrete flooring: from design to installation

With Concrete Flooring Solution, Mapei is your partner for all your construction needs.
Location icon Sant'Agata Bolognese

Online shopping and the world of e-commerce have revolutionised the way we shop. However, with every transaction, a product needs to be physically moved from the manufacturer to the consumer and often passes through integrated distribution hubs, especially in the case of international shipments. Such hubs have a high demand for concrete industrial flooring.

Concrete flooring is often considered an accessory structure in most civil engineering and industrial works. The construction method often fails to follow best practices. As a result, these “structural elements” often have defects.

Designers, works directors and concrete manufacturers occasionally fail to dedicate the level of attention required during the design and installation phases of this type of flooring. Consequently, it is often down to the experience of the team that actually places the concrete to make sure everything is done according to the specification. Careful, detailed design work makes the difference in achieving perfect results and is often neglected. The numerous design variables and changes in surrounding conditions, particularly weather conditions, may then give rise to a series of defects that could limit the floor’s serviceability. The floor itself becomes the subject of complaints, as it happens with most disputes regarding civil and industrial buildings.

Mapei is a reliable partner for all professionals involved in the construction of concrete flooring, starting with the installation teams, to encourage their technical and cultural development. This is why the Concrete Flooring Solution range of products was created.


What is your target audience for the activities of the new Concrete Flooring Solution Division?

We want to target design engineers, general contractors, building companies and those who install flooring. In practical terms any professional who has to analyse a civil or industrial construction project that involves the installation of concrete flooring would benefit from the support of this new Mapei Division.

What does the Mapei offer consist of?

Mapei is already an important point of reference in the sector when it comes to products that can be employed in the various phases of concrete flooring construction. The strength of the Mapei offering is that it includes a range of services dedicated to the people mentioned above, with field support which sees in the construction system a point of strength in its approach to the design and installation of flooring. Mapei is not only a supplier, but rather an efficient partner who you can turn to for concrete proposals and solutions for all your construction needs.

What services is Mapei offering that you believe to be winners?

We start with a fundamental step in creating concrete flooring correctly: its design. We provide direct support to designers to check the structure. With just a few simple parameters, such as the client’s operational requirements, we propose solutions and provide precise technical indications regarding the characteristics of the concrete (including the possibility of using fibre-reinforced concrete), the thickness of the slab and the pitch and dimensions of joints, as well as the types of surface treatments that could be used according to what the flooring will be used for.

We also work with the pre-cast concrete plant where the concrete is to be mixed to find the correct formulation for the mix design of the cementitious conglomerate and to organise pre-qualification tests, as well as further field tests on site, if required.

We have the availability with our mobile laboratories to verify the characteristics of both the fresh and set concrete, based on the indications from the design phase. And we also organise training course and workshops at various knowledge levels for our clients. Finally, we offer our support in drafting specifications and technical articles, where they are considered useful.


Which products are included in these services?

The products Mapei proposes for the construction of industrial flooring vary from the range of DYNAMON FLOOR admixtures specifically formulated for the concrete technology sector to products that ensure correct curing of poured concrete, to broadcasting products to obtain different surface finishes according to the level of abrasion resistance required, right up to surface treatments and products for sealing joints.

Mapei, thanks to the acquisition of the company Istrice - Fili & Forme, is now the largest manufacturer of polymer fibres for concrete in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. At the production plant in San Cesario sul Panaro (Central Italy), complete lines of structural fibres are developed and produced, with a range of different characteristics according to the type of application specified. In the fibre-reinforced sector, Mapei is able to offer full support during both the design phase and the executive phase based on significant and consolidated laboratory work and field tests. Lastly, we believe it is important to mention MAPECRETE SYSTEM, the Mapei solution for jointless floors.


Do you already have a lot of experience of using these products?

We have successfully taken part in important projects all around Europe, amongst which we would like to mention the work we did at FCA, Lamborghini, Snatt, Boero, Philip Morris International, Danieli Steelworks, Amazon, Ikea and Zara.


Why should someone choose Mapei as partner to construct concrete flooring?

Mapei is able to offer a complete service that involves all key figures in the process, from design to installation, and a complete range of products that can be useful at every stage of the process.

Mapei offers the reliability and professionalism of a market-leading company and can provide quick, concrete responses thanks to the capillary network of specialists operating in the field with a host of contacts available at every level to create efficient synergies across the whole of the country, benefiting our domestic and international customers.


Project information

Yard URUS SUV producton plant
Location Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy
Subcategory PLANT
Built in 2017
Opened in 2017
Application supply of products for concrete floor and application of resins for industrial flooring
Start and finish date 2017
Application Type Cementitious & resin flooring systems, Admixtures for concrete
Contractor company MARIO NERI SPA
Architects PRO SPAZIO
Specialists involved PRO SPAZIO

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