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A complete range of products for the ship-building industry.


The ship-building industry has evolved significantly over the last few decades due to the constant development and progress in construction technology and the continuous research work carried out on materials. An innovative process that encompasses cargo ships, vessels for military use and cruise liners, as well as pleasure boats and ocean-going yachts.

And on top of the consolidated requirements in terms of durability and resistance to aggressive atmospheric and environmental agents, or wear caused by the movement of high volumes of passengers and loads, a new list of requirements also has to be taken into consideration.

The need to offer rooms and spaces with increasingly high levels of comfort and liveability acts as a stimulus for research to develop new solutions, materials and finishes that combine aesthetics and functionality. The requirements in terms of health, safety, and hygiene that must be guaranteed for ship’s passengers are also becoming increasingly stringent.

The answer to these needs and requirements is Mapei Marine, a dedicated line of products for the ship-building industry, which has been developed thanks to the exclusive wealth of experience that Mapei has built up in this specific application field.

Solutions and products developed through a process of research, carried out in the name of sustainability and attention to mankind and the environment, which integrate together synergically to provide a truly complete system that guarantees certified quality, excellent performance characteristics, functionality, reliability, durability, ease of use, and simple application.




Marble, wooden and textile floors
Mapei solutions are the right choice to create elegant floors in large entertainment areas, thanks to the use of controlled-shrinkage cementitious substrates, high performance adhesives and grouts with an uniform colour. Manifold solutions for wooden floorings, particularly suited for both the more elegant areas and areas subjected to high foot traffic, including restaurants, bars, and decks.

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Resin-based floors in interiors
Space-sharing areas and meeting points, where architecture and design play a key role, can be further enhanced by adopting Mapei solutions, through flooring choices that help create flooring with an enjoyable look and original, harmonious materic effects.

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Cabins are now on a par with the most prestigious hotel rooms and every minor detail must be faultless, starting from the flooring. To get the best results what could be better than a combination of self-levelling, fibre-reinforced substrate mortars with solvent-free, fibre-reinforced adhesives, ideal for any type of floor?         

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Just like the most modern cities, cruise ships are equipped with every type of comfort. And the ships that carve their way across the oceans today are evolving continuously in terms of aesthetics, luxury and quality. In these fantastic surroundings the decks – both internal and external – play an important role, in that they are one of the places on a ship where passengers find great pleasure in spending most of their time.

Systems and solutions for flooring on decks are becoming increasingly important features of contemporary ship design, because they help create that special atmosphere designers are always striving to achieve. In the light of these developments, Mapei has developed new flooring systems for decks that allows architects and designers to create a wide variety of solutions with considerable aesthetic impact: MAPEDECK SYSTEMS. MAPEDECK systems are a combination of cutting-edge performance characteristics and high aesthetic value. With these systems it is possible to create spaces that are both elegant and versatile, which at the same time safeguard the resistance and service life of the flooring itself, even in areas exposed to the most intense foot traffic.

MAPEDECK systems for flooring are applied in situ. Most of the floorings may even be opened to foot traffic the day after they have been installed. This rapid installation procedure means that large areas of flooring can be installed in a short space of time. And the various colours and decorative elements available allow creativity to be expressed through a vast array of models and patterns.

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Resin floorings

A “technical” personality with a highly attractive visual effect: with the Mapei Marine range of polyurethane products for external decks the most elegant of results can be obtained with ease. All this while safeguarding the flooring’s properties of resistance and durability, even in the most frequently walked on areas.

Installation of artificial grass
Areas used mainly for relax are characterised by the use of artificial grass which requires the most appropriate installation solutions.
Mapei offers everything you need to get excellent results: aesthetically perfect surfaces with high durability.

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Mosaic, ceramic and resin coverings on swimming pools
A cruise liner without a swimming pool would be unthinkable; mosaics and ceramics installation can be very critical and only the most suitable and reliable products will suffice. Mapei Marine also includes a range of resin products that allow to create attractive finishes when covering vertical and horizontal surfaces in swimming pools. For mosaic or ceramic tiled coverings, Mapei Marine proposes a complete range of products to level off surfaces and to bond, seal and grout coverings in swimming pools.

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Resin floorings in sports areas
Areas dedicated to physical activities and sport on cruise liners are becoming increasingly popular and safety and enjoyment are crucial. Mapei Marine proposes a complete range of specific products and solutions to meet these requirements.

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Ultracare 4 Yacht
The world of leisure sailing has been on an innovative journey over recent decades that has led to a more widespread use of technology. There is an increasing need to comply with requirements such as durability, resistance to atmospheric agents, and wear and respect for the environment, as well as with higher standards of comfort that combine aesthetics and functionality, without ever overlooking important factors such as safety and hygiene.

And Mapei has the answer for all these requirements: Mapei Marine and its Ultracare 4 Yacht line of products, developed specifically for this sector.

The latter also includes a dedicated line for routine and unscheduled maintenance of boats, with products for finishing and polishing, teak treatment, and cleaning operations along with manifold putties and accessories.

To discover more on Mapei ULTRACARE 4 YACHT product range, consult our online document



Mapei systems are certified by recognised external institutes and laboratories

This symbol is a conformity mark which proves that the product is suitable for marine equipment in compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC and subsequent amendments. 


For the products with this marking, Mapei is also allowed to affix the U.S Coast Guard approval number as allowed by the “Agreement between the European Community and the United States of America on mutual recognition of certificates of conformity for marine equipment” signed on February 27th, 2004.


This symbol is used to identify Mapei products which give off a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) as certified by GEV (Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte e.V.), an international organisation for controlling the level of emissions from products used for floors.

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