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Portfolio of Mapei Projects for the marine industry

We have collected together projects from Mapei’s Marine Line, including certified products for the ship-building industry, to describe them in pictures: tourist boats, yachts, icebreakers and even big cruise ships belonging to famous tourist companies.

Great experience for great ships

Working with the big names: from GNV to Carnival and Costa Crociere Cruises

Mapei and great ships. A years-old winning combination. In fact, there are many ships from the biggest names in the business, such as GNV, Carnival, Costa, etc., that have been built using Mapei materials and systems. This may be explained by the company’s ability to supply complete and certified systems so that all kinds of work (such as the preparation of substrates, waterproofing work, the installation of ceramic, wood, synthetic grass, textile or resilient materials) can be carried out successfully and effectively and that the work is made to last and to be eco-sustainable in the most diverse array of surroundings: from public areas to kitchens, from spa centres to swimming pools, from areas reserved for the crew to sports areas, and from exterior decks to children’s play areas. All this while guaranteeing that surfaces remain durable and hygienic and are resistant to atmospheric agents.

Three more great ships that chose to employ Mapei solutions were recently completed: the Carnival Pride, the Carnival Legend and the Oasis of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean Company.

The first two, which can each accommodate more than 2,100 passengers and have a crew of more than 900, are more than 290 m long and carry their passengers on cruises around the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda, as well as being able to pass through the Panama Canal. For both liners, MAPEDECK TEAK DESIGN played an important role: with this self-levelling resin coating with good resistance to atmospheric agents and salty sea spray, seamless floors with a teak-effect finish were created in the exterior “Serenity” area on deck 9 of the Carnival Pride and in the passenger lobby on deck 0 of the Carnival Legend.

When it was launched in 2008, with a length of 362 m, a width of 47 m (at the water line) and weighing 220,000 tonnes, the Oasis of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean Company was the largest passenger ship in the world. Decorative coatings were created on the walls of the Music Hall using MAPEDECK MONODESIGN, a special fine-textured, trowellable, decorative polymer smoothing and levelling compound which is highly versatile and easy to apply and provides excellent resistance to abrasion.



The Netherlands


After 18 months of intensive work, in April, 2017 the renowned cruise liner company, AmaWaterways, launched its new flagship vessel: the 135 m long AmaKristina, which accommodates 158 guests (in 79 cabins) enjoying luxury cruises along the river Rhine. There is also a solarium available for the guests on the deck of the liner, as well as a fitness centre, a massage area, a beauty salon, a gymnasium and three restaurants.

Mapei products were used to install ceramic tiles and stone slabs in various areas of the liner, such as in the bathrooms, where the substrates of the walls were treated with PRIMER G or ECO PRIM GRIP before bonding 60 x 30 cm ceramic tiles with ULTRAMASTIC 5* adhesive. MAPESIL AC silicone sealant was then used to seal the expansion joints. 30 x 30 cm tiles were chosen, on the other hand, for the floors in the bathrooms. They were installed with ULTRALITE S1 lightweight cementitious adhesive on a screed made from TOPCEM PRONTO pre-blended, ready-to-use mortar, after treating the surfaces with EPORIP epoxy adhesive to ensure a proper bonding of the TOPCEM PRONTO layer to the metal base of the ship. The substrates were waterproofed where required with MAPEGUM WPS and MAPEBAND PE 120.

In the lobby, the lift and on the stairways of the liner, slabs of marble were installed with ELASTORAPID adhesive after treating the substrates with PRIMER G. The slabs joints were then grouted with KERAPOXY CQ and the expansion joints were sealed with MAPESIL LM silicone sealant.

*This product is distributed on the Dutch market by Mapei Nederland B.V.

The Dalmatino, Corona and Casanova yachts

Krilo Jesenice, Croatia


The town of Krilo Jesenice is renowned for its maritime (shipbuilding and navigation) traditions, initially through the dragging of sand from the local river beds and then, since the 1970’s, as a tourist location. Every year, almost 200 boats and ships, and often even luxury yachts, set sail from here and head towards the Dalmatian Islands.

The decks of the yachts used to be made from teak which meant high costs for their upkeep to maintain their condition. More recently, some boats have started to replace them with a Mapei polyurethane-based system which is extremely durable and easier to maintain.

Once the steel substrate has been prepared as specified and then levelled off, the surface is treated with corrosion-resistant polyurethane-based MAPEDECK PRIMER 200. The next step is to install a 5 mm thick layer of MAPEDECK LITESCREED, followed by a coat of MAPEDECK TEAK DESIGN self-levelling resin coating, which has high resistance to moisture and atmo-spheric agents. The seams are filled with MAPEDECK CAULKING aliphatic polyurethane coating and the final finish is achieved by applying MAPEDECK WAX, to guarantee a high visual impact.

Murmansk icebreaker ship

Vyborg, Russia


The Murmansk is the penultimate of a series of similar diesel and electrically-powered icebreaker ships commissioned by the Russian Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport. Six icebreakers were built between 2008 and 2016 as part of two state-funded initiatives, Project 21900 and Project 21900M.

The Murmansk was part of the second project and the contract for the construction of the ship was awarded to the Finnish shipbuilding company, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. Apart from “shepherding” ships with much higher tonnage, this icebreaker is also used to help extinguish fires on board ships, to assist or to tow ships in difficulty and to transport heavy loads.

Mapei took part in its construction by supplying products suitable for floors subjected to large levels of deformation. ULTRABOND ECO 170 adhesive was used to install textile flooring in the wheelhouse, while ULTRABOND ECO VS90 PLUS was used to bond PVC flooring in various rooms and in the corridors. In the showers and bathrooms, ceramic tiles were installed with KERAPOXY and the joints were grouted with ULTRACOLOR PLUS.

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