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N° 81 - 8/26/2020

Durability, urban design, and sustainability to resurface the porphyry roads in the city centre.

#road #historical #citycentres #urbandesign

The expert's opinion

N° 81 - 8/28/2020

Interview with Cristina Croppo, Head of the Mobility Department for Udine City Council, and Head of Works for the Redevelopment of Via Aquileia.

#road #urbandesign #citycentres

The expert's opinion

N° 68 - 6/18/2018

A problem that torments drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians alike, and not only during the winter months: it seems that asphalt crumbles and potholes appear every time it rains. This is a serious problem that compromises everybody’s…

#citycentres #urbandesign #road #infoclips

The expert's opinion

With this article we would like to answer three technical questions on the subject of road surfaces. We have asked our experts of the Technical Services Department.

#citycentres #road #urban #insights


N° 67 - 2/26/2018

Interviewing the architects who designed the interventions in Matera, Sergio Lamacchia and Maria Teresa Fasano.

#road #historical

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