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Arquitectura Arte y cultura Proyectos

N° 34 - 10/4/2021

MAPEI’s waterproofing products, grouts, mortars and sealant helped complete the renovation of the famed 102nd floor observation deck.

Sostenibilidad Arquitectura Proyectos Responsabilidad social

N° 36 - 1/11/2023

Known for our system solution-approach to sustainable products, MAPEI was honored to play a role in the construction of the new Summit Complex high atop Pikes Peak. MAPEI’s technical experts as well…


N° 37 - 10/18/2023

MAPEI setting materials are used throughout the popular and busy Scott Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo


N° 37 - 10/18/2023

As tile manufacturing technologies have advanced, so have the sizes of tiles being produced and sold.

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