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Protection on a Roll

MAPEI’s membrane solutions handle cracks, sound and waterproofing

If you are specifying a project and are in need of sheet-membrane protection, look no further than MAPEI. We have one of the largest product offerings of sheet-membrane solutions in the industry. “Our multipurpose line of sheet membranes offers the widest selection of options for crack isolation, vapor management, waterproofing and sound reduction available,” said Sonya Moste, MAPEI’s Product Manager of Crack-Isolation, Sound-Reduction and Floor-Heating Membranes.

All of our multipurpose, bitumen-based, sheet membranes have been certified by SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold for low volatile emissions (VOCs). This means that they have been vetted by an ISO-accredited, third-party certification body and tested by an industry-independent laboratory.

Further, all of these membranes are thin and low-profile, making them perfect for use in both new construction and in remodeling projects, even over challenging substrates. They all feature varying levels of protection, including:

  • Crack isolation up to 3/8" (10 mm) wide.
  • Sound reduction up to 72 IIC (impact sound) and 66 STC (airborne sound).
  • Waterproofing (when used with Mapetape BB for select environmental exposure classifications).
  • Vapor management (when used with Mapetape BB and MAPEI HM Primer).

Depending on your need, MAPEI has a membrane solution and an application type to match. Visit MAPEI online – in the USA or in Canada – to learn more about our sheet membrane options.

Meet the family     

MAPEI’s family of sheet membranes provides unique protection for specific applications. When used as part of a system solution, the sheet membranes provide a layer of protection that, although invisible when installed, will be a crucial part of the flooring system.

Mapeguard CI is a flexible, thin (1/16" or 1.5 mm) membrane providing crack isolation for tile installations.

Mapesonic 2 is an all-in-one membrane, providing crack isolation, sound reduction, vapor management and waterproofing in a 76-mil, fabric-reinforced, load-bearing membrane.

Mapeguard 2 is a 3-in-1 membrane for crack isolation, waterproofing and vapor control. It contains 5% post-consumer recycled material.

Mapesound 90* is a flexible, thin, 90-mil (2.3-mm) lightweight, load-bearing, fabric-reinforced “peel-and-stick” sound-reduction and crack-isolation membrane.

Mapetape BB is a butyl-based, waterproofing sealing tape for use with MAPEI peel-and-stick, crack-isolation membranes (Mapeguard 2, Mapesonic 2, Mapesound 90 and Mapeguard CI).

MAPEI HM Primer is a ready-to-use, low-VOC, water-based, quick-drying, high-tack membrane primer. It is specifically formulated to promote maximum adhesion of MAPEI peel-and-stick sheet membranes to high-moisture substrates.

MAPEI SM Primer is a ready-to-use, fast-drying, water-based, latex primer for use under MAPEI’s peel-and-stick sheet membranes on residential and commercial indoor or outdoor floors.

MAPEI SM Primer Fast is a ready-to-use, fast-drying, quick-tacking, water-based, pressure-sensitive, nonhydrolyzable latex primer for use under MAPEI’s peel-and-stick sheet membranes on residential and commercial indoor or outdoor floors.

Mapeguard 2 is a 3-in-1, flexible, 40-mil-thin, load-bearing membrane for crack isolation and sound reduction. And, it can now be used for waterproofing with the addition of our Mapetape BB, a butyl-based sealing tape that has been designed for use with our bitumen-based membranes,” explained Sonya Moste, MAPEI’s Product Manager of Crack-Isolation, Sound-Reduction and Floor-Heating Membranes. When used with the MAPEI primer of choice (MAPEI HM Primer, MAPEI SM Primer or MAPEI SM Primer Fast), the sheet membranes become part of a system solution.

* Available in Florida only

Mapeguard CI and MAPEI HM Primer are not currently available in Puerto Rico.




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