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N° 33 - 4/29/2021

This project represented the first time that the Mapelastic TU system was used on a major tunnel construction project in the U.S.

Foco en productos

N° 33 - 5/10/2021

Quick turn-arounds and deep-fill voids are no match for these new self-levelers.


N° 33 - 5/14/2021

Prominent hydropower projects worldwide feature MAPEI technology

Proyectos Entrevistas Noticias

N° 33 - 5/17/2021

17 years after work started, the system of dams designed to stop high tides made its debut. Several MAPEI were especially designed to build the system.

Arquitectura Proyectos

N° 33 - 5/18/2021

Constructed with 1928 poured-in-place technology, the façade of the Oroville Theatre was in need of a facelift.

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