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N° 36 - 1/25/2023

Gain insight into the growing demand and availability of sustainable products, resources and tools to assist project teams in making appropriate informed evaluations and selections for green building


N° 36 - 1/16/2023

MAPEI’s products allow installers to install commercial floors quickly and efficiently with a tight deadline looming and the thermometer soaring

Proyectos Arquitectura

N° 36 - 1/20/2023

MAPEI’s cementitious polished toppings and concrete repairs solutions provide a variety of robust and colorful options to protect the floor at a buffet-style fast-food restaurant from aggressive foot traffic and difficult spills

Proyectos Cultura y deportes

N° 36 - 1/18/2023

The 2020-21 season was a rollercoaster of setbacks for the Gatineau Olympiques major junior hockey team – except for the construction of the team’s new state-of-the-art hockey arena (featuring four full-sized hockey rinks). [Note: In North...

Proyectos Arte y cultura Arquitectura

N° 36 - 1/18/2023

MAPEI Corporation recently teamed up with the crew on A&E’s popular home-remodeling television show “Zombie House Flipping” to turn a derelict property in Orlando, FL, into a showplace.

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