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Burnie Tennis Club

The tennis courts of Burnie Tennis Club in Tasmania have been completely resurfaced using the MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION multi-layer system. Thanks to this modernisation work, the courts are now used on the ATP and ITF circuits. They are extremely comfortable and allow tennis players to perform to the very best of their ability.

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Held at the Burnie Tennis Club in Tasmania (Southern Australia), the 2017 edition of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Burnie International Tennis Tournament not only provided a massive sporting spectacle for the tennis public but also showcased perfect tennis courts thanks to the use of MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION.

ATP Burnie International Tennis Tournament features an ATP Challenger tennis event and an ITF (International Tennis Federation) Pro Circuit women’s event. The tournament has been held every year since 2003 except 2016 when the courts were closed for a major upgrade.


The 1.06-million-Australian-dollar (about 680,000 Euro) upgrade has been jointly funded by the Australian Government through a Community Development Grant Program with a contribution by the State Government, Tennis Australia, Burnie Tennis Club and the Burnie City Council. Mapei contributed to the upgrade of the center from a ‘3 coat Professional’ system to a ‘9 coat MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION’ system.


MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION is a medium-elasticity, multi-layered system made from acrylic resins in water dispersion with special fillers used to make playing surfaces suitable for professional-level tennis with high resistance to wear, UV rays and various weather conditions. 

When MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION is applied on surfaces, it forms a semielastic playing surface that has excellent playing comfort and performance characteristics, such as perfect bounce of the ball, quick, safe changes in direction and an excellent compromise between balance and slide for players.

The project commenced with the application of MAPECOAT TNS GREY BASE COAT acrylic resin-based basecoat and filling paste on the entire 8,575 m2 surface. This process was followed by the application of a further two coats of MAPECOAT TNS GREY BASE COAT creating the cushion base for the tennis courts. Two coats of MAPECOAT TNS FINISH 1 were applied followed by one coat of MAPECOAT TNS FINISH 3 which gave the tennis courts the desired speed as specified by Tennis Australia, the governing body for tennis in Australia. Both MAPECOAT TNS FINISH 1 and MAPECOAT TNS FINISH 3 are coloured acrylic resin-based coatings for indoor and outdoor tennis courts and multi-purpose playing surfaces, certified by ITF.

The white line marking was created using MAPECOAT TNS LINE acrylic resin-based paint.

The contractors completed a total of 11 full size tennis courts and 4 half size Hot Shot tennis courts using this system with outstanding results. 

Completed in the blue shade (a symbolic colour for the Australian open tennis event), the upgrade of the courts at the Burnie Tennis Club was welcomed by executives from ATP, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Tennis Australia, the Burnie Tennis Club, players and officials of the tournament.

The Burnie City Council Major Anita Dow commented that, “The courts look fantastic. The Burnie Tennis Club can now open itself up to a host of other major tennis events such as the 2017 Australian Masters and it is also in a better position to be able to further support junior development.”

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To find out more about the properties of the system used to construct these courts, take a look at the documentation about MAPECOAT TNS CUSHION.

Products from the TNS line are available in several colours and can be used for various purposes: our bespoke brochure lists the colours available and shows the various realms of application and certification available.

For further information about all Mapei products for sports surfaces, please consult the dedicated section of our website.

Project data sheet

Yard outdoor tennis courts
Location Burnie, Australia
Subcategory TENNIS FIELD
Built in 2016
Opened in 2016
Application supply of products for resin tennis courts floorings
Start and finish date 2016
Application Type Solutions for sports flooring
Project Manager Travis Knight
Realtà Mapei Tags: #sports

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