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N° 93 - 9/20/2022

Marco Squinzi, CEO of Mapei: our contribution to low carbon footprint concrete

#mapei #sustainability #theworldofmapei


N° 93 - 9/20/2022

From unfinished building to one of the most innovative hubs in Greece: ultramodern offices with resistant floors and high aesthetic impact

#waterproofing #resilient

The expert's opinion

N° 93 - 9/14/2022

The Re-con line solutions help manage and recycle concrete and washing slurry

#sustainability #concrete


N° 93 - 9/14/2022

The market is forecast to grow at an average yearly rate of 7.2% until 2028. The industry's global business is worth 38.7 billion us dollars

#textile #resilient


N° 93 - 9/6/2022

Interview with dr. Spyros Papagiannakis, the subsidiary’s general manager


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