Humphrey Pecan Processing Plant

Location icon Torreón, Мексика
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Сортувати Planta procesadora
Місцезнаходження Torreón, Мексика
Підкатегорія ЗАВОД
Побудовано в 2019
Відкрито в 2019
Використання It is a walnut processing plant that was in the process of certification to export its product. The regulation that applies to food and pharmaceutical products requires a sanitary process for which it needed floor covering in 100% of its facilities.
The difficulty of the project is that within the process area the normal temperature ranged from 25 to 35 ° C. The client had tried different alternatives with polyurethane/cement technology and the applied samples of the competition had presented defects in the finish. Aware of the working conditions, the samples were made according to a procedure developed to the needs of the client and the coating was defined in three layers that allowed the installation of the Mpafloor CPU / MF @ 3.5 mm system and Mapfloor CPU / TC @ 16 mils finish, achieving customer satisfaction.
Дата початку і завершення 2019
Тип використання Floor/wall covering
Дистриб'ютор Mapei Pinturas Osel de la Laguna
Посилання на сторінку з детальною інформацією

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Three-component, self-levelling polyurethane-cement mortar with high resistance…
Mapefloor CPU/TC
Mapefloor CPU/TC
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