Schweigaardsgate 21-23

Location icon Oslo, Норвегія
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Сортувати Schweigaardsgate 21-23
Місцезнаходження Oslo, Норвегія
Підкатегорія ОФІСИ
Побудовано в 2011
Відкрито в 2013
Використання Schweigaardsgate 21-23
Дата початку і завершення 2011/2013
Тип використання Облаштування підлог
Власник Rom Eiendom
Підрядник Skanska Norge AS
Компанії з монтажу Resconsult AS, ABS Parkettgruppen
Архітектори Lund & Slatto Arkitekter
Дистриб'ютор Mapei Mapei AS
Бали Trond Joelson
Project Manager Eivind Skaar
Опис Mapei has delivered multiple products for these BREEAM NOR Excellent-classified buildings (highest environment classification available in Norway). This is the first Norwegian building project which holds this type of classification.
BREEAM NOR is a method used in Norway for environmental classification. “Excellent” is the highest possible classification given.
Mapei AS used Primer Eco and Uniplan ECO self-leveling flooring. In addition, the buildings also contains Mapesonic CR and
Ultrabond ECO S955 1K adhesive for the wooden flooring.
In total the buildings contains 32.000 square meters of environmentally friendly space.
The insurance company Gjensidige and Norways State Railways uses these buildings for office space.
The project has a special focus on environmentally appropriate and lasting solutions. Through the requirements for maximum energy given by tenants to build projects that meet the minimum grade B. Early in the project process it was decided to classify projects in BREEAM Eng. We work constantly to ensure that buildings achieve BREEAM Nor Excellent. The requirement for Excellent 70 points. The result is 76.5.
Core factors for innovative and environmentally efficient design for the building is : compact building volume ( crucial for low energy ) , far fewer parking spaces than what BREEAM implies, conditions for cyclists with an indoor bicycle parking and associated dressing room and shower facilities , facilitating active use of public transport , green wall ( contribution to indoor environment ) , joint use of bicycle and fitness equipment for NSB and Union , selection of resistant exterior material ( stone and aluminum) , space -saving plan in general floors ( free seating).

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