New distributors for Mapei

November 22, 2018

Construction chemical manufacturer, Mapei, is continuing its drive to simplify supply of its products with the addition of two new distribution outlets that are aimed at small to medium construction companies, contractors, and cash buyers.

Mapei’s Commercial Manager, Tracy Harris, says the initiative is part of the company’s drive to meet customers wherever they find it most convenient. The appointment of WF Chemicals (PTY) Ltd and Construction Components (PTY) Ltd as official distribution partners therefore provides these contractors with fully-fledged, easy-to-deal-with trade counters where Mapei Products can be bought.

They are essentially one stop shops where the entire range of products can be sourced, whether it is a single bag of grout or multiple pallet loads of screed. The service is quick and friendly, so customers can collect their orders and be on the road again within 15 minutes of arrival. Payment can be effected by account, card or EFT. Technical assistance is available where needed, and both warehouses are centrally located in both cities.

Mapei brings a broader range of products to our offering, with the addition of tiles adhesives, tile grouts, self-leveling underlays, adhesives, paints and waterproofing among others. The Mapei brand is not as well recognized in South Africa as it is in Europe, so both parties will be working to achieve the desired level of awareness. Mapei brings a whole new branding option to the table, with great packaging designs, printed instructions on their packaging as well as professional electronic media presentations and demonstrations of their products. The Mapei products are of the highest quality and designed to be user friendly.

Both parties need to co-operate to achieve optimal results in achieving the desired market penetration. Distribution is a team effort, with Mapei offering great products, branding and customer training, with Construction Components and WF Chemicals offering channels to market, customer support as well as brand awareness. Both companies have been in the market for a long-time and will in fact be Mapei customers.

 “A building contractor has the same requirements to run his businesses as a large company. They need to have professional assistance to run their portfolios, as well as requiring technical advice and support when undertaking new or difficult types of projects. While most retailers do stock some of our products, they do not necessarily stock all of them. Nor do they stock bulk products, so it pays to have a channel where our contractors can buy everything they need with the benefit of technical documentation and contractor-centric advice,” she says.

The merits of partnering with Construction Components and WF Chemicals speak for themselves as both have built up substantial client bases since their establishment in 2008. The companies geared toward customer service through a stocked warehouse equipped to deliver-on-demand to customers in the Western Cape, through WF Chemicals, as well as Construction Components in Gauteng. The partnership is also investigating the possibility of expanding this footprint in future.

“The partnership with us will give them access to new clients and another channel to introduce our modern and reliable products into the market. They will not only benefit through access to a wider selection of products but will also have access to our substantial resources and training facilities,” concludes Tracy.

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