New Fast-setting Tile Adhesive and Smoothing Compound

June 1, 2019

Leading chemical and adhesives manufacturer; Mapei, has released its new locally produced multifunctional cementitious tile adhesive, Adesilex P4, a C2F class adhesive which can also be used as a levelling compound.

Adesilex P4 is first and foremost, a innovative rapid setting, semi-fluid, full contact adhesive which has the added benefit of 100% tile coverage eliminating the need for back-buttering on large format tiles, saving both time and consumption per square metre (subject to required thickness). Adesilex P4 is ideal for use as an adhesive on ceramic, porcelain and natural stone (non-moisture sensitive) installations in internal and external environments. Adesilex P4 is easily trowellable and allows for light traffic within just 4 hours

As a smoothing compound, Adesilex P4 can be used on interior and exterior surfaces generally found on site up to a maximum of 20mm thick. It can absorb deflections on the substrate with easy levelling and localized smoothing providing the substrate is clean and sound, which sets within 4 hours.

This gives contractors the ability to use a single product to ensure both a cost and time savings on projects. What’s more, it can even be used as a mortar for brick and concrete block walls for building, wherever quick curing and high strengths are required

“It is important to remember that if Adesilex P4 is used as both a smoothing compound and tile adhesive, it is important to remember that that the smoothing layer needs to be hardened and prepared correctly before proceeding with the Tile application” says Zamaswazi Ntobela, ceramics product manager for Mapei South Africa.

Adesilex P4 is suitable in heavy traffic zones, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals and schools. Its wide temperature range means it can just as easily be used over underfloor heating installations or any other application where temperature extremes may occur.

 “Although Adesilex P4 guarantees 100% coverage of surfaces with no need to ‘back-butter’ large-format tiles, it also provides the benefit on one multipurpose product with the obvious cost and time saving benefits!” adds Zamaswazi.

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