Waterproofing Attenuation Tanks at the new Deloitte HQ

July 23, 2019

MAPEI’s waterproofing products played a key role in waterproofing the massive 400m³ attenuation tanks in the new Deloitte headquarters at Waterfall City Development.

Professional Waterproofing Association contractor, Steed Bekker Waterproofing was approached to provide a long-lasting waterproofing system to ensure uncontaminated water is always available for the building and its surrounds. It called for the application of MAPEI’s advanced waterproofing system in the form of its Mapelastic Foundation coating which was carefully applied as per manufacturers specifications to the entire surface of the concrete tank.

 “We have installed this system many times in the past and have found it to be a relatively easy system to apply and in the many tanks and reservoirs we have coated, and so far, have never had a leak. It has low VOCs when applying and is completely safe for potable water as well.

“That is why we chose this product for such a large and impressive building. We also made use of MAPEI’s local and global technical support to ensure every aspect was correct and that our trained staff followed the company’s best practices. We believe that with a Quality product applied by a Professional installer, the customers gets a fit for purpose solution, and that’s why we chose MAPEI products,” says Steed.

The Mapelastic Range of cementitious waterproofing products has been available for more than 20 years worldwide – this is indicative of its effectiveness and quality in providing protection to concrete surfaces subject to positive and negative hydrostatic pressures.

Mapelastic Foundation is ideal for concrete surfaces in foundations, car parks, underground, structure work below ground level and water retaining structures, making it the ideal solution for the new Deloitte building.

Deloitte Mapelastic Foundation Waterproofing

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