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MAPEI has positioned their product offering not as individual products, but as a total system solution for construction projects.
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February 2, 2020

In the current challenging local market environment, it’s important to ensure that cost effective, high quality solutions are sought out and used on construction sites – irrespective of whether they are smaller renovations or larger infrastructure projects. Each construction site presents its own requirements and challenges, and this is where MAPEI, local building product solutions provider makes the difference.

“MAPEI has positioned their product offering not as individual products, but as a total system solution for construction projects. With our expansive range of products, we are able to develop and specify a complete solution for use on site, eliminating the risk that comes with using different products that originate from different suppliers” says Shane Coll, Building Products Manager for MAPEI South Africa.

“Our products are used throughout the full construction phase of a project, from foundation to roof. It is important that high quality and standards are always maintained and never compromised. Failure to do so could have serious consequences and failures later within the project life span” adds Shane.

The MAPEI building range includes imported products which have been developed in the group’s world class R&D facilities around the world, and locally manufactured products which have been developed with strict adherence to the groups international standards.

“We back our solutions up with the expertise and knowledge not only from our local technical team, but also by taking advantage of the over 80 years of experience the group has banked from various prestigious projects worldwide” says Shane.

The MAPEI range of building line products includes the following:

Repair and skimming mortars – the MAPEI range of repair and skimming mortars includes several products that meet varying requirements and technical needs within the local construction market - giving your concrete render the strong, smooth finish needed.

Cementitious and epoxy grouts – developed for use in anchoring or repairing concrete structures.

Anti-corrosion coatings – this range provides solutions for protecting concrete on the surface as well as protection for steel reinforcement rods within the concrete

Crack-repair and sealants – a comprehensive range of crack repair and joint sealant products.

Repair and levelling screeds – MAPEI provides for various substrate repair and preparation requirements in anticipation of flooring.

Bonding promoters and primers – the MAPEI range includes various primers and bonding promoters which provide for increased adhesion and strength in application between different layers of the application.

Soundproofing – MAPEI offers soundproofing products which contribute to the lessening of noise levels in completed applications.   

Waterproofing solutions – MAPEI has an extensive range of waterproofing products meeting the complex and technical requirements of waterproofing on site. This includes cementitious, emulsion and acrylic based waterproofing, protective waterproof coatings, water repellents and bandage systems.

“We don’t only offer these solutions to our customers / applicators but also the technical support and training needed in order to ensure that there is every chance of success when applying MAPEI Products. We work closely with the applicator throughout the whole process and thereafter follow up to ensure everything is correct and meets our standards. When you use MAPEI – you know you are getting quality” concludes Shane.

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