MAPEI South Africa Supports Local Women’s Shelter

June 11, 2020

Bienvenu Shelter is a non-profit organisation which offers emergency accommodation for refugee mothers and children in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The shelter endeavours to assist people on the move, with a special priority for the poorest and most vulnerable, safeguarding and promoting the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees and internally displaced people.

The Shelter aims to provide for the needs of migrants by offering them accommodation, nutritious meals, clothes, access to health facilities including psychological therapy, education for the children, legal assistance, guidance and support as well as other needs as and when they arise. Bienvenu Shelter also provides Livelihood Programs to teach women new skills in order for them to become self-sustainable and support their own families.

The women who live at Bienvenu Shelter are not only taught to look after themselves and their children financially, they are also taught to look after the house, and take pride in their space. They work together to keep the Shelter clean and neat – a task made difficult by the stained and scuffed wooden parquet flooring throughout the shelter.

MAPEI South Africa partnered up with customers Limegreen Sourcing Solutions and Furtak Tiling to uplift the existing parquet flooring and replace it with porcelain tiles. The residents’ rooms, passages, staff room, admin office, reception area and prayer room were renovated and received newly tiled floors. MAPEI sponsored the tile adhesive, grout and primer needed for the tile installation.

Bienvenu Shelter was transformed into a pristine and refreshed living space for the residents and their children. The residents were extremely grateful and showed valued appreciation for their restored living spaces. Not only is the finished product stunning, but in a house filled with kids it’s crucial to have floors that will stand up to heavy foot traffic. These improved living conditions made a world of difference for residents who would otherwise be homeless. Using MAPEI’s products for the installation of the tiles contributed towards creating a home that we know will last!

 The shelter invited all of the involved stakeholders for a “Thank You Tea” to show their appreciation and return the kindness. The residents warmly welcomed the project team by clapping and singing their gratitude with beaming smiles on their faces. The team was taken on a tour within the shelter to view the work done, as well as meet the delightful children. Thereafter the day was finished off with tea, cake and unexpected awards ceremony. It was great to meet all the donors who made it possible and give back to the community!

It is a privilege for MAPEI South Africa to partner up with other tile industry members and to be involved in such worthwhile community projects. We look forward to the next opportunity to be involved in enriching the lives of others and positively transforming South African communities.

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