MAPEI’s Osmotic Cementitious Mortar with Exceptional and Varied Applications

September 1, 2020

Mapei South Africa is known for its impressive range of waterproofing products and solutions, one of which being Planiseal 88, a mortar with comprehensive waterproofing capabilities. This osmotic cementitious mortar has an array of applications that range from underground masonries to swimming pools to irrigation channels. It has been developed to coat concrete surfaces, come into contact with drinking water and assure complete moisture control alongside easy application and implementation.

Planiseal 88 is a one-component osmotic mortar that is comprised of a cement-based compound, selected graded aggregates and special synthetic resins. It was created in the Mapei Research and Development Laboratories to a precise formula to provide clients with complete reliability, control and application fluidity. It is also compliant with the EN 1504-9 specifications and the requirements of EN 1504-2 coating according to the MC and IR principles.

 “The performance of Planiseal 88 is compliant with regulations and EU standards and comes with the Mapei South Africa seal of surety,” says Ross Creasey, Mapei South Africa’s Product Manager for Waterproofing systems. “It has impressive scope with the ability to repair underground masonries in situations where there is negative pressure as well as waterproofing basins, reservoirs, concrete or masonry tanks that contain drinking water.”

The applications also include the ability to waterproof concrete or masonry tanks that contain sewage water, interior and exterior cellar walls, damp areas, lift rooms, underground passages and foundation walls. Planiseal 88 is a truly versatile solution for the market.

The product is mixed with water to become a fluid mortar that is easily applied by trowel, brush or spray. Its adhesion rate is exceptional, clinging to the substrate for a comprehensive waterproofing solution even under negative pressure. For correct application and blending, Planiseal 88 must use the correct amount of water and the surface state must adhere to specific guidelines. Excessive condensation, standing water or surfaces undergoing dynamic stresses should be avoided or repaired prior to application.

To be assured of a seamless result, Planiseal 88 comes with in-depth instructions on how to apply using a brush, trowel or spray, each method requiring its own methodology to assure of complete coverage and perfect results.

“We are completely focused on creating solutions that are reliable, efficient and long lasting,” concludes Ross. “Our continued research and development ensures that our products are world-class, environmentally aware and deliver optimal protection for concrete structures. Planiseal 88 is no exception and not only does it deliver the highest quality of waterproofing reliability, but we are on hand to provide support and guidance when needed.”

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PLANISEAL 88 (Former Idrosilex Pronto)
PLANISEAL 88 (Former Idrosilex Pronto)
Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures. TECHNICAL DATA:…

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