Get Covered with MAPEI's New Waterproofing, Uncoupling & Anti-fracture Membrane

September 30, 2020

Mapeguard UM 35 is the new decoupling waterproofing membrane from Mapei. Suitable for use with cracked, damp and imperfectly cured substrates, when installing ceramic, porcelain and stone material on interior and external floors.  It is used by applying the membrane between two applications of Mapei adhesive, in order to accommodate any potential stresses and to improve the bond strength of adhesive applied on both sides.

When used as a waterproofing membrane, Mapeguard UM 35 is completely watertight with the capability of protecting substrates from water penetration, resulting in increased durability. Mapeguard UM 35 is suitable for waterproofing balconies and terraces by creating an uncoupling and vapour compensation layer on damp substrates and/or on substrates that are not fully cured.

Available in 30 x 1m rolls, the design structure of the membrane makes it easier to distribute the adhesive. The dimples on the surface of the membrane are filled which prevents air being trapped, and instead ensures complete coverage between the tile and membrane. Thanks to the air channels on the back of Mapeguard UM 35, any humidity present in the substrates can evaporate without affecting the tile finish.

Additionally, its semi-transparent backing makes application much easier for installers to check and ensure the coverage of adhesive when bonding the membrane. This additional benefit also helps to easily locate the presence of potential elements on substrates, such as drains, which makes any essential cuttings to the membrane straightforward.

The membrane allows the control of cracks in the substrate, while allowing the distribution of stresses on floorings subject to heavy loads, it also ensures long lasting protection from water infiltration.

Mapeguard UM 35 may be used in the following surroundings:

  • ·new residential buildings and residential buildings under renovation;
  • commercial surroundings;
  • hospitals;
  • hotels;
  • balconies and terraces;
  • bathrooms.

As a company with over 80 years of working in the tile adhesive and waterproofing industry, we are excited to launch this product into the market.

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