MAPEI’s Management Team Assists with Roof Restoration.

October 12, 2020

In these difficult times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, every little bit of assistance makes a world of difference, sometimes it may seem insignificant, but not for NPO organisations such as AMCARE.

Amcare is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing assistance to the vulnerable affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and the elderly. Organisations such as these play a valuable role in South Africa as they provide for and support those that need it the most out in the community, and as such – they too need help in return from the community. The consequences of the pandemic start becoming evident in a time where financial support starts drying up and all available funds are directed towards priority needs - often resulting in maintenance not being done on facilities and buildings.

The Management team of MAPEI South Africa stepped in and decided to assist and make a difference. Kyle Hoedemaker, HR manager for MAPEI arranged for the management team to assist AMCARE in addressing the rust damage to the roofing on the Ethembeni house, as well as the donation of the products used. "It’s all about selflessness, stepping in to assist people that need it so desperately – which is truly rewarding. We saw the need Amcare had and the impact it would have on those that they help. And we had to step in” claims Kyle.

This effort included rust removal efforts and then the priming and painting of the roof. The approximately 120m2 roof had taken a beating from the elements and was in a bad shape which surely would have become a much bigger problem for AMCARE had it not been treated.

The roof was first scrubbed down in order to remove as much of the rust as possible in order to ensure a solid adhesion of the coatings. The roof was then treated with EP Rustop as a primer and then painted with Aquaflex Roof HR to finish the roof off. The maintenance team from AMCARE joined in on the day in order for them to learn how the solutions are applied correctly in order for them to carry on with the other roofs on their buildings going forward.

Once treated correctly, the new roofing will give them many more stress-free years of protection against corrosion, allowing them to focus on what is important – the people that they help.

MAPEI is proud to get involved and make this difference for AMCARE.

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