Installing Massive Tile Formats with MAPEI’s Keraflex Adhesives

February 26, 2021

Over the past decade, tile trends have drastically changed in style, texture, colour variation and, most importantly, size. Large-format tile is the biggest continuing trend of 2020, going strong into 2021 – from 100cm x 122cm slab tiles to 300cm long porcelain panels. It’s easy to see why this style is so popular: Installing these massive tiles means fewer grout lines, which allows for a seamless transition across the surface and creates a sleek/ modern space. This is true for floors, walls and countertops alike in residential kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, as well as large commercial projects with high-traffic areas like shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

To meet the high demands of these new tile styles, MAPEI introduced the KeraflexTM family of adhesives: Keraflex Maxi S1 and Keraflex S1 Express. These highly versatile mortars are ideal for large and heavy tiles, including ceramic, porcelain and gauged tile. “The introduction of the Keraflex adhesive series offers the advantage of consolidation, simplification and versatility to the distributor, retailer and contractor, allowing the opportunity to streamline their mortar selection offering,” said Zama Ntobela, MAPEI’s Product Manager for Tile & Stone Installation Systems.

The ever-evolving tile industry requires revolutionary products with exceptional quality and tangible benefits for installers. The Keraflex family was developed to address changes in the tile trend sizes as well as substrate requirements in previous eras. Plus, the Keraflex mortars are installer-friendly, offer flexibility and multi- functionality, and are purposefully designed to meet specific jobsite needs.

These mortars are can also be used over uncoupling, crack-isolation, sound-reduction and waterproofing membranes. Each mortar features MAPEI’s High-Transfer Technology, providing maximum coverage for high-bond adhesion strength.

 Keraflex Maxi S1 is a high-performance, deformable cementitious tile adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip for porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles.

Keraflex S1 Express is a rapid-setting, high-performance, deformable tile adhesive with extended open time for porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles.

Features of the Keraflex family include:

• No latex required as the products are polymer modified
• High-Transfer Technology with impressive non-slip/non-slump properties along with high bond adhesion strength – perfect for wall installation of large and heavy tiles
• Boasting 20 – 30 min extended open time to perfect your installation
• For bond coats up to 15 mm in embedded thickness
• Superior mortar-wetting properties, easy to trowel, with a buttery texture that requires much less effort and reduces application times
• Water and frost resistance
• Ideal for use with edge-levelling clip applications
• Easy to mix: products blend quickly and easily to a lump-free consistency.

“The working features, product application and performance attributes of the Keraflex mortars combine and enhance the individual strengths of the different technologies of polymer- modified mortars and large-and-heavy-tile mortars currently on the market,” Zama added. “The contractor-friendly application properties of this unique mortar product line will delight your customers and provide an opportunity to grow your business with a loyal following of Keraflex believers.”



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