Exposing Aggregates of Horizontal Surfaces with MAPEI

April 30, 2021

MAPEI, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of world class concrete solutions has established itself in the local market through its range of innovative quality system solutions and technical service provided to the market. As an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, MAPEI not only adheres to the strictest local quality standards within the products themselves, but also the best practice in service delivery and customer support.

MAPEI’s local technical expertise is backed up by the latest in international research and development and production standards resulting in international standard products ideally catered for the local market.

Mapei South Africa is known for its impressive range of concrete admixture products and solutions, one of which being Mapetard SS, a water based retarder used to expose aggregates in horizontal surfaces for aesthetic purposes or construction joints. From an environmental point of view Mapetard SS is the best alternative for exposed aggregates as water is the only solvent present.

Application of Mapetard SS during placement or onto freshly placed concrete is an effective and time-saving method of preparing exposed aggregates finishes or construction joints. The water based retarder will penetrate the fresh concrete to a depth of 5-15 mm, depending upon the amount applied. This layer will not be set when the rest of the concrete has hardened thus allowing the surface mortar to be washed away around the top-most aggregates.

When treating exposed horizontal surfaces a brush or spray may be used to apply Mapetard SS onto the fresh concrete surface immediately after finishing. A form oil sprayer may be used for application. The thickness of the coating should be as for a lacquer. Mapetard SS contains a white pigment which makes it easy to see the thickness and uniformity over the entire surface. Hosing off the retarded surface mortar with water reveals a clean, rough surface. The aggregates are partially exposed and, in the case of construction joints, will enhance bonding to subsequent layers. Normal consumption is 0.1 kg/m2.

The MAPEI range of concrete admixture solutions is backed up by the highest level of local technical expertise and knowledge providing specifications, on and off-site training and technical support which means that using MAPEI solutions can be done so with absolute confidence and trust.  Professionalism, competitiveness and sustainability are what make MAPEI your worldwide partner in construction.

As an established BBBEE level 4 contributor and a strong commitment to play a leading role in the local building and construction sector, MAPEI continues to invest in local manufacturing and in expanding product solutions to ensure we remain the chemical and adhesives partner of choice.


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