Two-component, thixotropic, epoxy adhesive with modified-rheology for bonding Mapeband, Mapeband TPE, PVC braces, Hypalon and for structural bonding.
Adesilex PG4 is a two-component adhesive made up of an epoxy resin base, fine-grained selected aggregates and special admixes.
Adesilex PG4 is used both as an adhesive for bonding synthetic braces used in waterproofing applications and for repairing, sealing and bonding elements in concrete, reinforced cement, metal and natural stone.
Adesilex PG4 is characterised by its low viscosity and, as a result, offers good wetting of the substrate. This makes it easy to apply by trowel on horizontal and vertical surfaces and on ceilings without dripping, thanks to it being highly thixotropic.
To prepare the product, pour component B (white) into component A (grey) and mix together with a drill fitted with a low-speed mixing attachment until a homogenous mix is obtained (even grey).
Adesilex PG4 meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-4.

1.60-1.65 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

6 kg (A B);
30 kg (A B).

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