Colourless, water-repellent silane and siloxane-based impregnator in watery emulsion.
Antipluviol W is a milky, silane and siloxane-based fluid in watery emulsion, characterised by its high capacity of penetrating all absorbent mineral materials used in the building industry, to make them water repellent.
Antipluviol W penetrates deep down and reacts with the natural humidity present in the said substrate to form a hydrophobic, water-repellent layer inside the pores and capillaries.
Antipluviol W forms an efficient barrier against aggressive agents present in the atmosphere, which are carried into the material by rainwater.
Antipluviol W also improves the self-cleaning effect of the façade and reduces the capacity of moss and mildew of adhering to the material.
Antipluviol W does not form a film on the surface. Therefore, the material's permeability to water vapour is not modified and the appearance of the surface remains practically unaltered.
Antipluviol W has excellent resistance to alkalinity and UV rays and maintains its water-repellent properties over a long period of time.

the consumption rate is heavily influenced by the absorbency of the substrate, and may vary from 0.20-1 kg/m2.

Antipluviol W is supplied in 10 and 2 kg plastic drums.

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