Mapecoat 4 LVT

Mapecoat 4 LVT

Two component aliphatic, anti-slip polyurethane finish in water dispersion for LVT.
Mixing ratio: 5/1.
Dust dry: 30 minutes.
Touch dry: 50 minutes.
Re-varnishing (if required): min. 2 hours - max. 48 hours (after more than 48 hours, the surface will need to be adequately prepared with a red or green ULTRACOAT PAD).
Set to light foot traffic: 16 hours.
Ready for use (also in contact with shower water): 24 hours.
EMICODE: EC1 - very low emission.
Gloss level (approximate value): 10-30 gloss.
Slip resistance according to DIN 51130 and AS 4586: R11.
Barefoot slip resistance according to DIN 51097 and AS 4586: A+B.
Slip resistance according to EN 13036-4 and AS 4586 (pendulum method): dry: 90; wet: 55.
Slip resistance (Method B.C.R.): leather, dry surface (µ): 0.56; rubber, dry surface (µ): 0.74; rubber, wet surface (µ): 0.81.
Consumption: 80-100 g/m².
Packaging: 1.2 kg kits (A + B).

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