Three-component, self-levelling polyurethane-cement treatment with high resistance to chemical agents, for coating industrial floors with a 3-4 mm thick layer.
Mapefloor CPU/MF is a polyurethane-cement treatment, used to obtain self-levelling resinous coats on industrial floors.
Mapefloor CPU/MF is particularly suitable for coating floors in the foodstuffs industry and in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.
Thanks to its properties, it also offers good resistance to the stresses caused by the passage of forklift trucks, and rubber-wheeled vehicles in general, in shopping centres, laboratories and hospitals.
Mapefloor CPU/MF has excellent chemical resistance and high strength properties, is resistant to abrasion and may be applied at thicknesses between 3 and 4 mm after suitable preparation and priming of the substrate.
Mapefloor CPU/MF is available in grey, beige and green.

6 kg/m2 for a 3 mm-thick self-levelling layer.

28.4 kg kits:
component A = 4.2 kg;
component B = 4.2 kg.
component C = 20 kg.

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