Cementitious binder for manufacturing dimensionally stable self-compacting concrete mixtures to repair concrete structures.
Stabilcem SCC is used to manufacture concretes with different aggregate sizes suitable for repairing, by casting, columns, bridge superstructures, and hydraulic works. Thanks to its properties, very fluid cement mixtures (slump flow: 65-70 cm) which do not segregate when placed by pump or by casting without vibration are obtained. By using Stabilcem SCC it is possible to reduce costs of repair work, shorten construction time, remove noise caused by vibration and improve the appearance of the structures. Preparing concrete mixtures with Dmax = 8 mm, mix Stabilcem SCC with graded aggregate between 0 to 8 mm or with Gravel 0-8 and Gravel 0-15. For manufacturing concrete with Dmax = 20 mm, mix Stabilcem SCC with aggregates with a maximum diameter not above 20 mm.
To improve open-air curing and further reduce shrinkage, Stabilcem SCC can be mixed with 5 to 8 l/m3 of Mapecure SRA, curing agent.

concrete with Dmax = 8 mm: 600 kg/m3;
concrete with Dmax = 20 mm: 500-600 kg/m3.

20 kg bags;
600 kg big bags.

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