Sfalassà Viaduct

Location icon Bagnara Calabra, Italy
Ref #: 4955


Yard A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria Highway
Location Bagnara Calabra, Italy
Subcategory VIADUCT
Built in 1968
Opened in 1972
Application supply of products for concrete repair
Start and finish date 2009/2012
Application Type Concrete restoration
Client Anas SpA
Contractor company Consorzio Impregilo SpA/Condotte d’acqua SpA
Installer companies Mosconi srl
Designers (for works) IN.CO Ingegneri
Credits Controcampo
Project Manager Cilento Ingegneria srl
MAPEI Coordination Pasquale Zaffaroni, Achille Carcagnì, Fiorella Rodio, Federico Laino, Michele Malvasi, Luigi Calogiuri, Giovanni Rinaldi (Mapei SpA)

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