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N° 82 - 11/20/2020

Focus on the benefits for Mapei products deriving from Górka's alumina cements.

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N° 69 - 7/6/2018

“The 'Adopt a Spire' campaign has another important sponsor: Mapei, which, thanks to the Squinzi family’s generosity and keen interest in art, has decided to sculpt its own name in Milan Cathedral’s marble in response to the appeal made by the…

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The expert's opinion

N° 66 - 12/21/2017

In 2016 the global cement production was estimated at 4.6 billion tonnes, as mentioned, for example, in the Cembureau Activity Report 2016, available on the website of Cembureau (European Cement Association).

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N° 66 - 1/4/2018

Twenty years have gone by since the distant days of 1997 when Enrico Pozzi, an expert in chemistry and polyurethane materials, was taken on by Mapei to head the newly created R&D Polyurethanes group. The same year the company was celebrating the…

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N° 66 - 1/4/2018

Concrete, with more than 23 billion tons produced every year, is the most widely used material in the world. This is due to its exceptional characteristics: wide availability, inexpensiveness, possibility to form any kind of geometric shapes in the…

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