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N° 88 - 11/18/2021

Interview with Veronica Squinzi, Mapei’s CEO.

#insights #theworldofmapei


N° 87 - 9/21/2021

Designed by Renzo Piano and completed in accordance with local building traditions, the new children’s surgical hospital has opened in Entebbe.

#hospital #backdrops #theworldofmapei #CRS

The expert's opinion

N° 87 - 10/21/2021

The Mapei Sport Research Centre has opened its new "training department", a service for optimising physical preparation and re-athletisation.

#sports #insights #theworldofmapei


N° 86 - 7/23/2021

We spoke with Bela Markovich, General Manager of Mapei Kft, the Group’s Hungarian subsidiary.

#infoclips #theworldofmapei


N° 85 - 5/26/2021

The subsidiary in Kyiv is celebrating its 15th anniversary and continuing to expand even beyond the nation’s borders.


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