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From Realtà Mapei International n° 69 - 7/3/2018

Brains in Milan, brawn all over the world

Milan and the world. A neat way of encapsulating Mapei’s “philosophy” and business operations. Take, for instance, the latest example of this business strategy, much more than just a symbolic gesture. Over the last few weeks Mapei has joined the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo’s “Adopt a Spire” project becoming one of the Milan Cathedral’s Golden Donors. At the presentation press conference, Giorgio Squinzi said: “This is an important project embodying Mapei’s Milanese essence and my own roots in Milan”.

The Cathedral symbolises Milan for the entire world and Milan is at the very forefront of Mapei, a company that has always focused on its internationality opening up manufacturing plants in 34 countries across 5 continents.

The devastating economic recession over the last ten years has seen people and opinions divided between the “global” and “local”. The term globalisation has had its ups and downs, for some people it is the cause of so much misery in more developed nations, while for others it is the direction in which the contemporary world must inevitably move. Let’s leave this to be debated by economists and sociologists. The facts and figures, however, tell us that the companies that have reacted best to the crisis and become more competitive are those projected towards new horizons and, consequently, towards new markets.

Mapei’s process of internationalisation first began way back in the 1970s. A process that has always been inspired by a defining principle: Mapei’s headquarters are in Milan, where the company was founded in 1937. Thinking about the company’s background, in this issue of Realtà Mapei International we have created a “Milan Special”, an extensive collection of articles and interviews paying testimony to the city’s intellectual vivacity and lively business scene. Works that have just been completed (like, for example, the Prada Foundation Tower) and construction operations currently under way (such as those for the new underground railway lines and the third City Life tower) all draw on Mapei technology and innovation.

But we will not just be talking about Milan: this issue also contains lengthy articles on Russia, Hungary and Africa. So, Milan and the world are the guiding thread for our company. And when we look at a world globe, as we can make out from the cover, we almost instinctively think of a football, tennis ball or golf ball. And what could be more global than sport? And football in particular. Here again, Mapei has been a trailblazer, like, for instance, from 1993 to 2002 when cycling champions raced along the roads all over Europe wearing the distinctive Mapei jersey decorated with little coloured cubes that became a sort of trophy for so many cycling fans. And the same can now be said about Sassuolo football team’s black-and-green shirt that pops up around the world every Sunday, so that a small city gets great publicity through a big company. The power of increasingly global communications strategy and, above all, a very carefully defined corporate strategy. Talking of football, we must mention the FIFA World Cup in Russia to which Realtà Mapei International is focusing plenty of attention: once again as a leading player, because Mapei products were used for building or renovating 8 of the 12 stadiums hosting the matches.


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