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Portfolio of Mapei Projects in Norway

We have collected some of Mapei’s best projects in Norway to review them in pictures: airports, dams, fish farms, water-treatment plants and fish-farming companies. Find out about Mapei know-how in all these disparate fields.

Bergen Airport, Terminal 3

Flesland, Bergen

A new terminal was built in 2017 for the Bergen airport in the south of Norway. The terminal extends over a total area of 85,000 m2 (including the 22,000 m2 of existing buildings) and was built to handle a flow of 10 million passengers.
The construction of the terminal cost 360 million Euros and Mapei took part in the project by supplying products to prepare (PRIMER G, PRIMER ECO* and UNIPLAN ECO*) and then waterproof (MAPEGUM WPS) substrates, to install ceramic tiles and stone materials (MEGALITE S1*), to grout the joints (ULTRACOLOR PLUS and KERAPOXY DESIGN) and to seal expansion joints (MAPESIL AC) in various areas of the terminal (public areas, bathrooms and the stairs to the railway station).


Skjerkevatn Dam


The Norwegian electrical energy supplier Agder Energi recently constructed a new dam on Lake Skjerkevatn, in the south of Norway, to better exploit the potential of the hydro-electric plant situated a little further downstream. It is the biggest dam of its type in Norway and has enabled the plant to increase production to 40 GWh per year, enough electricity to supply 2,000 homes.

The project was awarded the national “Damkrona 2018” prize for dams that stand out for their excellence in construction techniques.

It took more than two and a half years to complete the dam out of a mixture of concrete and rocks. Mapei AS also took part in the construction of the dam by supplying various products, such as MAPEPOXY BI-R* two-component epoxy adhesive for injections and RESFOAM 1KM ultra fluid, one-component polyurethane injection resin, which is used to waterproof structures, land and rocks subjected to intense water seepage.


Sjøtroll fish farm


Lerøy, a Norwegian salmon company, recently completed construction of a new farm complex for breeding and raising fish on an industrial scale in Fitjar, on the west coast of Norway. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world and cost around 65 million Euros. The plant also adopts cutting-edge technology to farm the salmon, which are normally transferred from fresh water to salt water when they reach a weight of 180 grams. Thanks to this technology, the salmon can remain in the fresh water until they reach 500 grams, which reduces the risk of them catching lice.
More than 18,000 m2 of surfaces in the tanks at the farm were waterproofed with PURTOP 1000 two-component, solvent-free, pure polyurea membrane, which was applied by spray. PURTOP 1000 features a high level of elasticity and excellent resistance to abrasion. It is completely waterproof and suitable for contact with potable water, properties which will guarantee a high level of durability for the tanks and protection for the fish.

Langavatn water treatment plant


The Langavatn water-treatment plant is situated 30 km to the south of the city of Stavanger in south-west Norway. Construction of the plant got underway in 2014 and was completed, thanks to an investment of more than 100 million Euros, in 2019. The plant, which extends over an area of 21,000 m2 with a building covering 9,700 m2 of the plant, has 44 tanks spread over two levels that treat the water and then supplies potable water to around half a million people.

Mapei AS supplied products such as MAPEPOXY L*, REDIREP 45 RSF* and CONFIX* to treat various concrete surfaces and to seal cracks before bonding and grouting 6,000 m2 of ceramic tiles with KERAPOXY. Apart from these products, ZINKBOLT* expansive mortar was used to anchor the bolts to the rocks and PLANITOP SMOOTH & REPAIR and PLANITOP FINE FINISH were used to skim and finish off the surface of concrete.

Fredrikstad on-shore fish farm


Fish-farming on an industrial scale in Norway has to face many challenges, such as the fish dying, diseases, polluted seawater, the excess use of medicines, etc, and to help overcome these challenges, Norway’s first ever on-shore fish farm has been built in the south-west of the country. Because the client specified the use of products with high performance properties and excellent mechanical properties, Mapei systems were chosen to waterproof the tanks and to treat the concrete water pipes connected to the water treatment plant.
Going into detail, the substrates were treated with MAPEPRIMER M* epoxy primer before applying around 7,000 m2 of PURTOP 1000 membrane, which was chosen because it is suitable for contact with drinking water, is highly flexible, has high waterproofing capacity and creates a very smooth surface which can help protect the fish. Also, MAPECOAT DV* solvent-free epoxy coating was applied on 700 m2 of surfaces.

*These products are manufactured and distributed on the Norwegian market by Mapei AS.

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