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N° 81 - 8/26/2020

Durability, urban design, and sustainability to resurface the porphyry roads in the city centre.

#road #historical #citycentres #urbandesign


N° 81 - 9/2/2020

Effective and long-lasting products for the restoration and consolidation of a church badly damaged by the passage of time.

#historical #strengthening #renovation #churches


N° 80 - 7/9/2020

Following restoration work on the façade, this important noble palace opposite the city’s cathedral has returned to its former splendour.

#renovation #historical


N° 74 - 5/21/2019

Overlooking the gulf of Naples, the museum contains a unique collection of historical railway carriages and locomotives.

#paints #historical #renovation


N° 72 - 2/18/2019

After being severely damaged by the earthquake that hit Central Italy two years ago, this cathedral underwent seismic upgrading work.

#historical #strengthening

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