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N° 80 - 9/28/2020

25 years ago everybody called the Mapei Team the “Battleship”

#neverstoppedalling #theworldofmapei


N° 78 - 1/15/2020

Vinavil keeps on growing and is celebrating 25 years in the Mapei Group.

#insights #theworldofmapei


N° 78 - 1/21/2020

In spite of the challenges of the Latin American market, we believe there are also great opportunities.

#theworldofmapei #insights


N° 78 - 1/22/2020

The new Mapei As manufacturing plant and storage facilities not far from Oslo opened in Norway on 1st October.

#theworldofmapei #insights


N° 78 - 1/27/2020

We have collected some of Mapei’s best projects in Norway to review them in pictures: airports, dams, fish farms, water-treatment plants and fish-farming companies. Find out about Mapei know-how in all these disparate fields.

#insights #theworldofmapei

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