Mapei Concrete Repair products used for residential balcony repair.

19 July 2018
Mapei have supplied building and construction repair products for 200m2 of external concrete repairs for council properties in Radstock, Somerset. Works were completed within just seven days to the balconies and pavements around the properties.

Mapegrout T40 is a pre-mixed powdered mortar, which was trowel-applied at Radstock to repair external balconies and front walkways of the residential area. The medium strength mortar from Mapei is shrinkage compensated and fibre-reinforced, used for repairing concrete.

Mapei’s Mapefer 1k corrosion inhibitor was used to treat any exposed rebar and reinforcing rods in the concrete before applying Mapei’s Planitop Smooth and Repair R4 to repair and smooth the concrete. Planitop Smooth and Repair R4 is a rapid setting fibre-reinforced structural cementitious mortar which can be applied in a single layer from 3 to 40mm thick. Planitop Smooth and Repair R4 is highly thixotropic which means it was easily applied on vertical surfaces. The versatile product is also classified as low VOC. The high dimensional stability of the product means that the risk of cracking is reduced once hardened, in addition Planitop Smooth and Repair R4 is impermeable to water and thermally compatible with freeze/ thaw cycles.

Full training was provided by Mapei at their Clerkenwell showroom for the installers TPS 360 prior to the installation.

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