March 1, 2019

It’s out with the old and in with the new… Mapei’s Dursilite coatings range offers a fresh array of paint colours, ideal for all types of improvement projects. The water-based paint is for use different types of internal surfaces, and creates an attractive finish with a smooth, velvety, matt surface.

With its special formulation, Dursilite is particularly suitable for painting all types of cementitious, lime and gypsum substrates which require an excellent permeability to water vapour, and a high degree of long-lasting protection.

Dursilite can be applied with a brush, roller or by spray on a dry coat of Malech or Dursilite Base Coat primer. Its typical application cycle comprises of at least two coats, with a recoat time at around 6-12 hours in accordance with the humidity and temperature of the environment. With a sound coverage, it also has a high whiteness level for internal walls.

The resin-based coating bonds perfectly to all types of masonry, render, smoothing and levelling compounds, and providing it is well-attached and showing no signs of crumbling, Dursilite will also bond to old paintwork.

For long-lasting protection, high washability and low dirt pick-up level paints, this Mapei offering is available in a wide range of colours, created using the ColorMap® automatic colouring system.

Resin ColorMap Protective Colours Dursilite Coatings Paint Product Literature brochure

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