Mapei’s Ultralite® D2 offers more for your money.

Mapei Ultralite D2 Tiling Adhesive
August 21, 2019

Yet another impressive product from Mapei’s ceramic line, Ultralite D2 is a light-weight, brilliant white, ready-mixed adhesive for ceramic wall tiles.

This ready to use, water resistant adhesive is ideal for areas such as residential and commercial showers and wet rooms. Ultralite® D2 can also be used for installing porous boded ceramic tiles and mosaics onto internal walls and highly deformable substrates in both commercial and domestic areas, fixing tiles to plasterboard, plaster walls and tile backer boards.

Ceramic Product Manager at Mapei UK, Jason Brunt said: “Mapei’s Ultralite D2 is now widely available in the marketplace, with many tile installers realising the benefits of the product in both cost and performance”

“Feedback from the market and users is that this brilliant white adhesive is very easy to spread on to the wall, while providing excellent coverage per tub.”

The ready to use paste has an exceptional initial grab. Its viscosity enables easy trowelling on to vertical surfaces, providing an excellent coverage when fixing larger tiles. The bright white Ultralite® D2 can be used with large format tiles up to 350mm x 350mm, producing up to 45% extra yield compared to standard weight adhesive. From just one bucket[1], an area of up to 8m² can be tiled when using standard size wall tiles.

Contact Mapei’s Technical Services Department on 0121 508 6970 for more information about using Ultralite® adhesives in your project.

[1] Coverage dependent on flatness of substrate and trowel size

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