Get a head start with Rapid Level CT 3220 from Mapei.

November 23, 2019

Rapid Level CT 3220 is the latest addition to Mapei’s extensive product range, offering a levelling compound that promises a quick drying time of just 45 minutes prior to the installation of ceramic and porcelain type tiles. Suitable for internal use, Rapid Level CT 3220 is used for levelling, smoothing and infilling differences between 3 and 20mm in a single application.

Rapid Level CT3220 must be primed, and is designed for the installation beneath ceramic tiles. It is suitable for levelling a variety of substrates including new and existing concrete, anhydrite and cementitious screeds, stone and ceramic tiles, and can also be used over boarded timber floors. In addition, it can also be used in areas subjected to castor wheels and onto screeds with incorporated underfloor heating systems.

Its impressive application allows up to 20mm per coat without any shrinkage, cracking or crazing, and develops very high compressive and flexural strength, in addition to resistance to indentation and abrasion.

In its pre-mixed form, Rapid Level CT 3220 is a grey powder consisting of special cements with rapid setting and hydration, together with graded silica sands, resins and special additives. A fluid and easily workable mortar when mixed with water, the smoothing and levelling compound provides a high bond strength to the substrate, as well as offering ultra-fast drying.

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