Mapei cements a tough bond with Mapeproof FBT.

February 5, 2020

Mapeproof FBT by Mapei is a pre-applied synthetic waterproofing membrane with a non-woven fabric backing applied in full adhesion to protect structures below ground level. It is able to withstand up to 7 bars of pressure, and provides Radon and Methane protection.

Mapeproof FBT is applied underneath foundation slabs and against diaphragm, pile walls, sheet piling and other permanent retaining structures.

The waterproofing system is suitable for a range of applications including basements, garages, car parks, swimming pools, basins, storage tanks, underpasses and underground areas in general.

The fully-bonded waterproof sheet membrane system incorporates two Mapei adhesive tapes: Mapeproof FBT Tape, used to bond joints between the upper-facing side of adjacent membranes in the system, and Mapeproof SA Tape, for bonding joints between the lower-facing sides of adjacent membranes.

With extreme flexibility, Mapeproof FBT is easy to install. The waterproofing membrane is cold-applied (between +5°C and +35°C), thus no heat or naked flames are required on site. Positioned before placing the steel reinforcement and pouring of the concrete, joints can be bonded on horizontal or vertical surfaces and shaped to follow the geometry of the substrate, ensuring a longstanding tough bond; due to its bond, Mapeproof FBT prevents water from migrating laterally between the foundation structure and the membrane, once concrete has been poured. It does not require a protective layer.

The certified Mapeproof FBT waterproofing system also consists of two double-sided adhesive tapes. Mapeproof Fix Tape is used to hold the waterproofing membrane in place during installation. Meanwhile, Mapeproof BA Tape, a waterproof synthetic tape, is used for treating fillet joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as those between adjacent vertical surfaces.

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