Mapei is pleased to present their free online bitesize training courses.

January 27, 2021

Mapei is pleased to present their online training calendar for February and March. Following the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to the building and construction industry, Mapei is committed to continue providing various training and bitesize courses available to you, FREE OF CHARGE.

Following several successful online training courses throughout January, Mapei will be offering the following:


Mapei is offering courses each lasting approximately 40 minutes, and will cover the following:

- Substrate preparation: Primers and Levelling Compounds – 10AM
- Products relating to Adhesives and Grouts – 2PM
- Anti-Fracture membranes & Waterproofing – 15:30PM

These courses will be available on:

MARCH: 1ST, 8TH, 15TH, 22ND, 29TH



Join us on Mondays* at 10:00AM for an introduction to Subfloor Preparation for Resilient products.

*February (1ST, 8TH, 15TH) & March (1ST, 8TH, 15TH, 22ND, 29TH)

Mapei is also offering bitesize courses on the following:

- Primers, Screeds & Levellers – 10AM
- DPM Systems – 13:00PM
- Adhesives – 15:00PM

Taking place on:

MARCH: 10TH, 24TH, 31ST



Mapei’s bitesize courses on Balcony & Terrace Waterproofing starts at 10am and lasts approximately 40 minutes. The bitesize course for Swimming Pool Waterproofing starts at 2pm and lasts around an hour. Be sure to attend one of the courses on the following dates:


MARCH: 2ND, 9TH, 23RD, 30TH 

In addition, Mapei will be extending its waterproofing courses to cover the following:

- Below Ground Waterproofing Part 1 (Mapeproof FBT) – 10AM – 10:40AM
- Below Ground Waterproofing Part 2 (Mapethene LT) – 10:50AM – 11:20AM
- Below Ground Waterproofing Part 3 (Mapeproof HW) – 14:00PM – 14:30PM
- Below Ground Waterproofing Part 4 (Cementitious & Liquid Applied) – 14:40PM – 15:20PM

These courses will take place on:

MARCH: 5TH 12TH, 19TH, 26TH 

Resin flooring:

Fancy getting involved with our resin bitesize courses?
Taking place on February 11TH, 25TH and March 11TH, 25TH, they each last approximately 1 hour, and will cover:

- Introduction to Resin flooring
Subfloor Preparation
Installation Guide

TIMES: 10:30AM – 14:00PM – 16:00PM

Ultratop Loft:

We are also offering bitesize courses on Mapei Ultratop Loft, each lasting approximately 1 hour. These will run on February 4TH, 18TH and March 4TH, 18TH and will cover the below topics:

- Introduction to Micro-Cement Systems
Subfloor Preparation
Installation Guide

TIMES: 10:30AM – 14:00PM – 16:00PM

Booking is essential for all of our bitesize training courses so if you're interesting in attending one please email stating the course, date and time slot you'd like to attend and reserve your place.

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