Fast setting concrete repairs with Mapegrout SV T. Now available in grey.

February 26, 2021

Mapei’s Mapegrout SV T is a quick-setting and hardening thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete slabs, both flat and sloped, and for repairing concrete elements such drains and urban fixtures. Mapegrout SV T can also be used for bedding, setting and fixing of manholes, drains and street furniture. Due to its thixotropic nature, it can also be used on vertical surfaces.

Produced in the UK, the shrinkage compensated mortar is suitable for repairing concrete slabs, industrial floors, and for construction work in areas that need to be reopened to traffic quickly, such as roads and other places including airports, ports, shopping centres and warehouses.

Mapegrout SV T is also suitable for fixing road signs, crash barriers and fences in place.

Due to its excellent hardening properties, Mapegrout SV T can be subjected to both foot and vehicle traffic in less than 2 hours after application.

This one-component, high strength pre-blended mortar comes in powder form and can be applied up to 120mm on horizontal surfaces and up to 50mm in one application of vertical surfaces.

Available in black and grey for all concrete repairs.

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Quick-setting, shrinkage-controlled, thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete, fixing drains, manholes and urban fixtures. Mapegrout SV T…

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