Mapei introduces Polylastic water-based bitumen

July 3, 2023

Mapei has launched a new water-based elastomeric bitumen membrane.  Polylastic is a ready-to-use coating system which can be used to waterproof a variety of substrates.  Offered in six colours, the membrane is fast and easy to apply by brush, roller or trowel. It also adheres to damp surfaces, making it ideal for fast-track application in all seasons.

Part of Mapei’s Polyglass Roofing Line, Polylastic can be used to waterproof concrete structures, fibre-cement, wood steel, galvanized sheet metal, sandblasted tiles and bitumen membranes. It can also be used to repair old polymer bitumen membranes. The water-based membrane comprises a blend of special bitumen, synthetic elastomeric resins and high-dispersion fillers; the resulting compound has a high level of adhesion which creates the waterproof coating. Once dried, the membrane forms a highly elastic waterproof film which is UV-resistant and which withstands substrate hairline cracks. After application, it can be left exposed or covered with cement mortar or coated.

Polylastic colour options include Grey, Brick Red, Bright Red, Blue, Green, and White, each available in 5kg and 20kg units.  

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Advantages: Ready to use Ease of use (brush, roller, airless spray gun) Works on a variety of substrates Quick application Water-based…

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