Ultra-fast repair & skim coating with new Mapei Planipatch Xtra

September 5, 2023

Mapei has launched new Planipatch Xtra – a fine-grained thixotropic cementitious patching compound for local substrate repair. Featuring an ultra-fast drying, moisture-tolerant composition, Planipatch Xtra is suitable for floors and wall surfaces in all residential, commercial and industry environments and benefits from a very low VOC certified formulation.

Developed for local surface repair and skim coating down to a ‘feather edge’, Planipatch Xtra can be applied to interior floors, walls, steps and staircases, around corners and columns.  It can also be used to fill voids, holes and cracks in stable substrates. The product is fast to dry, hardens without cracking and creates an exceptionally durable, resistant and smooth fine textured finish. When used for patching and local repairs, self-levelling compounds and floorcoverings can be applied after approx. 45-60 minutes. 

The versatile compound is suitable for concrete slabs and walls, cement-based screeds and renders, anhydrite and magnesium-based screeds, heated floors, natural and engineered stone and tiles, and old substrates with waterproof adhesive and
smoothing compound residue. When mixed with Mapei Latex Plus, it can also be used for feathering and patching prepared metal and wood surfaces, old substrates with paint, resin and bitumen-based adhesive residue and fully-adhered resilient and wood flooring.  It can also be mixed with Latex Plus and used as a primer and bonding agent prior to application of a levelling compound onto impervious substrates.

Planipatch Xtra is GEV EMICODE EC1 Plus (very low emissions) certified and marked with the “Blauer Engle” according to DE-UZ 113.  It is available in 5kg units. For more information, please contact: info@mapei.co.uk or visit www.mapei.co.uk

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