Mapei Purtop Easy awarded BBA Certification

January 5, 2024

Mapei has received BBA Certification for its liquid waterproofing system - Purtop Easy. A single-component, cold liquid-applied polyurethane roof waterproofing membrane, Purtop Easy is used to protect roofs, balconies and terraces, making substrates completely waterproof even at low temperatures.

The BBA Certificate 23/7057 confirms that Purtop Easy achieves a classification of BROOF(t4) under BS EN 13501-5 : 2005 and it has a service life of at least 25 years. During the BBA assessment process, the system was assessed as a waterproofing layer on pitched and flat roofs, with pedestrian and limited access, including green roofs and roof gardens, fulfilling all requirements. Key factors tested included safety in case of fire, hygiene, health and the environment – including watertightness, resistance to mechanical damage, root penetration and slip resistance - and durability. It was also assessed for design, installation, workmanship maintenance and repair, as well manufacture, delivery and site handling.

Highly elastic and durable, Purtop Easy is quick and easy to apply onto horizontal and vertical surfaces, with a brush, roller or trowel. The versatile membrane is resistant to standing water, root penetration, foot traffic, low and high temperatures (-40°c to +80°c) and UV rays. As well as BBA certification, Purtop Easy is CE marked and an ETAG 005 certified system.

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