Mapei extends landscape calendar with new MapePave

May 1, 2024

Mapei has launched MapePave - a new pre-blended ready-to-use mortar system for the fast installation of natural and engineered stone pavers externally, all year-round.  Ideal for 20mm porcelain and natural stone, the new system provides normal setting and controlled shrinkage for fast-drying bedding and installation.  When grouted with MapePave Brush in Grout, pavers can accept foot traffic after 24 hours.

The new MapePave line comprises of three products: 

MapePave Slurry – a single component water mixed bonding slurry – which is applied to the backs of pavers or tiles. The slurry enables the monolithic bonding method of installation to a bed of fresh MapePave Mortar. It can also be used as a bonding slurry to bond Mapepave Mortar to solid concrete bases.

MapePave Mortar – a pre-blended, ready to use bedding mortar, with normal setting and controlled shrinkage for fast-drying bedding of pavers and tiles.  It is applied at a thickness of between 10 – 100mm, dependant on substate build-up.

MapePave Brush in Grout – a ready-to-use polybutadiene-based drainage mortar for grouting pavers with joints of at least 5mm in width.  Forming a strong bond and hardening quickly, MapePave Brush in Grout joints are particularly resistant to jet washing and de-icing salts.  They also allow fast penetration of rainwater and resist freeze/thaw cycles, as well as the formation of moss and weeds. Joints can receive light foot traffic after 24 hours and are fully-hardened after 7 days.  

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Products mentioned in the article

Preparation of the product: Mix a 20 kg bag of MapePave Slurry with 6.4 litres of water for at least 5 minutes with a Mechanical mixer and…
Preparation of the product : Mix a 25 kg bag of MapePave Mortar with 1.55-1.8 litres of water for at least 5 minutes in a cement mixer,…
Where to use: Grouting all types of external paved floors (porcelain slabs, cement-based composites, porphyry slabs and blocks, etc.)…

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