Mapei extends Zero Line with new coatings

June 4, 2024

Two new paint systems have joined Mapei UK’s Zero line of carbon offset* products. They include Silancolor Pittura Zero – a water-repellent, breathable silicate-based protective paint system and Elastocolor Pittura Zero – a crack-bridging anti-carbonation elastomeric paint. The new coatings join Mapei’s wide range of Zero construction products which provide durable, high-performance solutions with CO2 fully offset in the entire life cycle.

Both Silancolor Pittura Zero and Elastocolor Pittura Zero are designed for application on indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Silancolor Pittura Zero paint is generally used on facades exposed to the elements and on outdoor walls where both breathability and high water-repellence are required.  The coating is suitable for lime-based, cement and de-humidifying render and is ideal for renovation projects.  Elastocolor Pittura Zero paint is designed to protect deformed concrete structures, cracked facades and micro-cracked render, including surfaces exposed to damaging mould, algae and fungi. Both coatings are ideal for application onto north-facing facades, where they provide long-lasting protection against organic growth.

*The Zero line portfolio demonstrates Mapei’s commitment to the planet, to people and to biodiversity. CO2 emissions - measured throughout the life cycle of products from the Zero line in 2024 using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, verified and certified with EPDs - have been offset through reforestation projects and protection of biodiversity.  

Offsetting residual CO2 emissions of products is the final step in a process involving the Corporate Environmental Sustainability team and the Mapei Research laboratories. For more details on how emissions are calculated and on climate mitigation projects financed through certified carbon credits, visit the webpage

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