Mapei supports International Conference of Innovation in Low Carbon Cement and Concrete Technology

July 5, 2024

Mapei has been confirmed as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Low Carbon Cement and Concrete Technology.  The second series will, once again, provide a platform for the exchange of the latest global scientific and technical achievements on low-carbon cement and concrete technology, in order to promote their wide industrial applications. It will be hosted at University College London, from 8-10 July.

Key conference topics will include energy saving ways to manufacture Portland cement, low-carbon cement and concrete technology, decarbonation technology and complementary chemical admixtures. During the second day of the conference, Mapei S.p.A’s Keynote Speaker, Giorgio Ferrari, will deliver a presentation on Low Carbon Concrete Admixtures; a new Class of Products for Concrete Net Zero 2050 Scenario.

The Mapei presentation follows the launch of its new Cube System – a portfolio of solutions for low carbon concrete production. Cube System contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact of concrete production by enhancing the performance of binder or supplementary binder, allowing producers to maintain concrete design criteria with minimal impact on cost to produce.

With responsibility and concrete choices, Mapei is dedicated to developing products with low environmental impact, ensuring safety and durability over time. Its priority is environmental protection and user health. Mapei solutions are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions of volatile organic compounds, thus promoting sustainable and quality construction. Mapei’s aim is to promote a culture of sustainability in the construction sector.

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