Flexible, waterproofing and anti-fracture liquid membrane.
Use Aquaflex to waterproof all types of surfaces indoors and outdoors, as long as not permanently in contact with water and for waterproofing old bituminous or asphalt coverings.
Aquaflex can also be used as a flexible anti-fracture membrane for damaged substrate on which ceramic tiles or stone material can be installed, to prevent the formation of cracks on the covering.
Aquaflex is a ready to use grey or white coloured paste with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. Once dried it becomes a continuous flexible and waterproof membrane. For perfect bonding of Aquaflex, it is recommended to use Primer for Aquaflex over all difficult substrates such as: asphalt, bituminous membranes, old glazed tiles, slightly porous cement surfaces. To avoid the formation of cracks due to substrate movement or of the tiled surface, it is recommended to insert a MAPEI fibreglass mesh in the coat of Aquaflex. In particular, the use of the mesh is necessary in correspondence with the corners of the walls. As an alternative, use Mapeband.
The final thickness of Aquaflex should not be less than 1 mm in order to create a consistent, flexible and continuous film, making sure there are no interruptions due to substrate flaws.
Aquaflex is classified as a
class 1 product according to fire resistance regulations
(UNI 8457-9174).
Primer for Aquaflex: 160 g/m2 (wet) per coat;
Aquaflex: 300-450 g/m2 (wet)
per coat.
Primer for Aquaflex: 5 kg ADR/RID approved packaging;
Aquaflex: 25-10-5 kg drums.

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